World class electronic noise from the members of 120 Days(smalltown supersound (n), Vice records (us), Traffic (jp) ).

East of Finnskogen, west of Dovre, right by the foot of Jotunheimen you find Bygdin. The lake that captures Galdhøpiggen in its own troll-like mirror. It’s the place where the forests no longer breathe. In this heart of Norway, this remote realm of the mountains, you can literally feel the pulse of eternity.

This is the home of Schröder & Ovesen, better known as the two flanks of 120 Days. Here they feel refreshed by the cool water from the birthplace of the trolls.

Everyone who knows kraut and German minimalism, like Kraftwerk, Can and the best of Kompakt, should listen carefully to the debut album of Bygdin. There are of course traces of 120 Days, however, Bygdins music are looser, sharper around the edges and even more playful and noisy.

The album is released in Norway by Hype City (I Was A King, Serena Maneesh, Harrys Gym), and worldwide by Artspages Digital.

Arne Stöy Kvalvik and Kjetil Ovesen are Bygdin. They explain their timeout from the successful 120 Days and the road that lies ahead for Bygdin:

What’s the main difference between Bygdin and 120 Days?

There’s a big difference, and that’s partly the point. We’re two persons down from 120 Days, which gives us more freedom. We use two laptops actively, which can’t be said about 120 Days. However, the biggest differences have to be song titles and considerably less luggage while traveling in the air.

What motivated you guys to start Bygdin?

We’ve been working with 120 Days for eight straight years. After talking about it for a while, Schröder & Ovesen was created in early 2008, whereas the Bygdin-name appeared around Christmas. We played around with sounds and rhythms and soon connected as a duo. Another reason is that we want more freedom to release what we want when we want it. Our goal is always to create something new, which will be made available for our audience, like new songs, new jams, studio based gigs, videos, vinyl and so on. If we feel like it, we’re not afraid to give stuff away for free as well. We want to work alongside the modern way of distributing music; we don’t want to oppose it.

What are the plans and ambitions of Bygdin?

Our ambitions are the same as always; to aim for the sky. When we created Bygdin, we basically just wanted to do something new. After a while, we started experimenting with digital sequences, and they’ve now become the main engine of the band. Our immediate plans are to release our first album, traveling the clubs of the world and create heaps more good music. We’re already well into our second album, which will reach the stores in September. We’ve also realized that Bygdin gradually will create more dance orientated music.

Your name originates from a lake in Jotunheimen, and your song titles are all taken from places in the Norwegian nature. What’s the deal?

Norway is simply a spectacular and unique country!

June 8th : Release Bygdin #1
June 10th : Releasekonsert på Fugazi /Oslo

Contact and further information:

Arne Schröder Stöy Kvalvik
Kjetil Ovesen

Booking: Mark Vaughan / Up Front Artists